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Internal Medicine Specialist

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Internists located in Richardson, TX

Dr. Sam Abraham, MD is a compassionate and professional medical provider of internal medicine in the Richardson, Texas area. Along with serving the patient community, Dr. Abraham also trains medical students. Additionally, Dr. Abraham is continuing his own education with an Integrative Holistic Medicine certification.

Internal Medicine

What Exactly is Internal Medicine?

Doctors who are considered internists provide a holistic, comprehensive level of care to patients. This care is based on treatments for the internal parts of the body, i.e. the blood, respiratory system and heart. For internal medicine doctors who are also primary care physicians, these professionals work to understand the disease, mental health, reproductive issues and the like in a holistic manner. For instance, if a patient is suffering from depression, an internist might take blood to look for signs of hormone fluctuation and complete a physical examination to check for other related symptoms.

Can Internal Medicine Treatment be a Part of Urgent Care?

Yes, at many clinics offering primary care or urgent care, doctors will be on hand as internists. However, regarding practicing internal medicine, a doctor might have a specialty, such as adolescent medicine, cardiovascular disease or gastroenterology. Therefore as a patient seeking the care of an internal medicine doctor, you would want to find out if the internist at your urgent care center is appropriate for your medical condition or illness. In general, internists will be able to provide a range of medical services from diagnosis to treatment. Their specialty will simply be their area of expertise. Usually in urgent care clinics the staff will treat the immeadiate needs and will be referred to a primary care physician such as an Internist.

What Services are not Offered by Internal Medicine Physicians?

In general, an internist will stick to working with adults. They aren’t specially trained to deliver babies, handle surgical procedures, or provide pediatric care. However, for adult patients, an internist can deal with anything from digestive problems and respiratory disease to mental health and infectious disease. A major benefit of being treated by an internal medicine doctor is the long-term relationship associated with this level of care.


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