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High Cholesterol Specialist

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For patients searching for successful cholesterol management in the Richardson, Texas region, Dr. Sam Abraham MD is here to help. Managing cholesterol is just one of the areas of focus for Dr. Abraham, as he is a doctor of internal medicine.

High Cholesterol

Why is Cholesterol a Problem That Requires Management?

Everyone needs some cholesterol in their body. However, when individuals have an excessive amount of cholesterol this leads to cardiovascular disease. Considering that heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the US, it’s imperative to control cholesterol. Through cholesterol management patients can reduce their chance of dying from cardiovascular disease or a heart attack.

How can a Doctor of Internal Medicine Help with Cholesterol Management?

As a medical doctor focused on internal medicine, such a physician is dedicated to aiding the internal organs, such as the heart and vascular system. Too much of the bad cholesterol blocks arteries and weakens the heart’s ability to work successfully. A doctor of internal medicine can diagnose, treat and monitor patients who are struggling with high cholesterol. They are prepared to promote lifestyle changes, prescription medications, and proper knowledge regarding cholesterol issues.

What is the Treatment Options Most Commonly Associated With Managing Cholesterol?

Every person is unique in their struggles with cholesterol management. Some patients have high cholesterol due to their heredity while other patients are struggling to manage cholesterol because of lifestyle factors. For patients who have a family history of high cholesterol, often medications are the primary focus. However, lifestyle modifications are considered a healthier option. After all, exercise and healthy eating have several benefits beyond cholesterol management. Doctors begin by examining the individual and taking an overview of their health and medical history. If possible, lifestyle changes are made, such as increased exercise or dietary alterations, so to lower cholesterol. If these changes do not benefit the patient, then prescription medications, such as statin drugs, are used to control cholesterol in the body. Finding a doctor who is committed to the holistic approach of lifestyle changes, as well as the possibility of medication, is key for most patients interested in managing cholesterol.



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