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Allergies Specialist

Texas Primary Care Center

Internists located in Richardson, TX

Dr. Sam Abraham, MD serves the Richardson, Texas community as an internal medicine physician. Patients seek out Dr. Abraham’s services at the Texas Primary Care Center. As part of his primary care offerings, Dr. Abraham is specially geared at treating allergies for patients of all ages.


Can a Primary Care Physician Cure My Allergies?

While there is no known cure for allergies, doctors have several routes to remedy this situation. First, the primary care physician will need to identify the type of allergy of the patient. Some people are allergic to foods while others are allergic to plants and pollen. An allergy test is the best and most efficient way to determine what is causing someone to have allergies. Once the source of the allergen is figured out, the primary care doctor can prescribe allergy medications or allergy shots. An allergy medication will ease the symptoms of the allergies, typically when dealing with a runny nose and congestion. For individuals dealing with food allergies or allergies to certain insects or animals, the primary method of dealing with these are to avoid the source of the allergen.

What are Allergy Shots?

At Texas Primary Care Center we provide allergy testing and treatment. For patients diagnosed with specific allergens, a primary care center may be able to give allergy shots. These are injectables that include a tiny amount of the allergen. Over a period of allergy shots at a primary care center, the patient naturally builds up an immunity to the allergen. This helps to remedy the overall allergy, and in some case will even end the patient’s allergy symptoms.

What Should I Do When Visiting a Primary Care Clinic for Allergies?

The most important thing to tell a primary care doctor or nurse is whether or not you are being treated for allergies by another primary care center or doctor. If you are, then the current primary care doctor will want to avoid overdosing you with allergy medications. Also, if you have any history of allergies, or known allergens through an allergy test, you will want to pass this information along to the staff at the primary care facility. It will help your nurse and doctor determine the best route for preventative care and maintenance for your allergies.


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