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Urgent Care Specialist

Texas Primary Care Center

Internists located in Richardson, TX

Finding urgent care in the Richardson, Texas area is a breeze thanks to the medical services of Dr. Sam Abraham, MD. As an internal medicine doctor at the Texas Primary Care Center, Dr. Abraham works in the urgent care wing to offer convenient and cost effective treatment.

Urgent Care

Can I Get an Urgent Care Diagnosis If I do not Have Health Insurance?

At most urgent care clinics patients will receive care ranging from a diagnosis to treatment no matter how they pay. Patients may have health insurance, or they may choose to pay out of pocket. Either way, they will be able to get treatment at an urgent care center. One of the main reasons why patients choose to go to urgent care facilities is so they can receive affordable treatment, even if they do not have health insurance. Therefore, the overall system at urgent care is arranged to provide cost-effective, all-inclusive medical care for emergencies and sudden illnesses.

If My Child Needs Urgent Care, Will They be Treated?

Patients of all ages are seen in urgent care facilities. Whether a child is suffering from an earache, or they have been bitten by an animal, they will find help at urgent care clinics. Other common ailments and illnesses of children treated at walk-in clinics include cuts requiring stitches, sore throat, sports injuries, and the flu. Parents can take their children into convenient care clinics seven days a week in most cases. However, the main difference between going to an urgent care facility and an ER to get medical assistance for a child is with the times of operation. While emergency rooms are typically open 24 hours a day, urgent care clinics have traditional daytime working hours, such as 8 am to 5 pm and half-day on the weekends.

If I Need Extra Services, Such as Ultrasounds or X-Rays, can an Urgent Care Clinic Provide These?

Yes. At most urgent care clinics, the staff on hand will have immediate access to onsite laboratories fitted with proper equipment. This way patients can get X-rays, ultrasounds and blood work completed at the center. This helps the patient save time and money.



All major insurance plans accepted including medicare. For any questions please contact our offices. * We do not accept Medicaid.

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